Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Six Sigma Certification By Thomas Edwards

Top level commitment means both the moral commitment of top level executives, and the organizational commitment of top level talent. Six Sigma demands resources, both human and monetary. Senior executives must allocate appropriate materials, funding and personnel. They must also demand results and make it clear that they will change existing rules and policies if necessary to facilitate implementation. They must appoint a clear Six Sigma leader, compose formal plans and exercise care in the selection of projects. Designated projects should be important to the organization's strategy, have direct bottom-line o r customer impact, and be achievable within four to six months. Failure to provide leadership, talent and infrastructure dooms Six Sigma.

The Six Sigma Launch Six Sigma is a phased program. The first phase is the launch. In the launch phase, the company plans how it will roll out Six Sigma, selects projects for Six Sigma, and trains Black Belts to lead the Six Sigma implementation. Plans for deployment should include: Executive workshops to train top level people for Six Sigma, Clear statement of goals and a strategy for achieving them, Measures of process performance and schedules for review, Criteria for selecting projects, A system for identifying and prioritizing projects, Training of Champions, Master Black Belts and Black Belts, A system for monitoring the progress of projects and for auditing projects, Plan for rewards, incentives and recognition, A communications plan, Adequate time - Black Belts should dedicate 100% of their time, and certainly no less than 50% to 75%, to Six Sigma. This may require leadership to re-assign work. Expertise - The project team has clear directions and access to functional, subject matter or process experts as needed, Skills - Team members and others have training when and as needed, Services - Teams have priority for use of such services as labs and data systems.

• Review - Champions review project status weekly; leadership reviews monthly, Documentation - Audit and finance units cooperate to document savings.


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